Clear Casting Resin


Product Information

Clear polyster resin for casting paperweights etc. This resin is a great improvement over older versions which were very air inhibited. it set by the addition of a catalyst (MEKP). added at the rate of around 1%   (10ml per kilo of resin)Once catalysed the resin will set in aroud 30 minutes, full cure takes several hours. As with all polyester resins it is very dependant on temperature. It is VERY difficult to cast large clear objects due to the exothermic reaction. If you have no experience of resin casting please seek advice first. Please note:- This resin is a pale blue colour initially and turns water clear on setting.

Store in a cool place out of sunlght, shelf life approx 3 months

Pack size 1kg (catalyst supplied)

Product Code: POLCAST1


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