Crystacal R Plaster

Product Information

Crystacal 'R' Plaster is a white alpha plaster used where high strength and surface hardness are important in GRG giftware and modelling applications. This plaster is often used for study models in medical applications and works well with our SP201 polymer for PMG (polymer modified gypsum) to produce composites and laminates.

Dry set density Approx 1670 kg/m3
@ pwr of 2.86:1

Yield @ pwr of 2.5kg plaster
to 1 litre water = Approx 0.075m3 per 100kgs plaster


Plaster/Water ratio: 2.86kg/Litre. (100/35).
Apparent bulk density 1.1 gm/cm3 (Dry Powder)
Bag size:- 25kg.


Product Code: CRYS25

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