Prompt Natural Cement


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Prompt Natural Cement

Prompt is an entirely natural cement, produced from a single geological layer of Argillaceous (clayey) limestone, a sedimentary rock formed during the formation of the Alps. It is mined then fired at the same relatively low temperature as that for lime production, 800 -1200º C and then finely ground; it contains no other additives whatsoever. Whilst fully compatible with other types of lime binder Prompt Natural Cement cannot be referred to as a lime binder as it contains no free lime Ca(OH)2 however its primary uniqueness comes from the rapid set that Prompt exhibits, which can be controlled with the addition of Tempo (citric acid) which can delay the set in a Prompt mortar by 10 to 30 minutes depending on the ambient temperature at the time.


Pack Size:- 25kg

Product Code: PROMPT


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