Ultra-thin Cutting Disc XT10


Product Information

Cutting disc XT10 is for 4.5" angle grinders. It is ultra thin at just 1mm !! This makes cutting metal more than twice as fast as standard discs and because it is removing much less metal there is less airborne metal and abrasive material. For this reason it is much better for health and because this material is not being sucked into the hand grinder our customers are reporting much better machine life. They are excellent for trimming runners from castings and when used on sheet material (including stainless) it produces almost no burr. Trims fibreglass moulds and jackets faster than a diamond disc !
Size:- 115 x 0.8 x 22,23. (4.5" x 0.032" x 7/8"

Please note product change: These discs are now flat instead of raised centre as shown and the new version has up to 30% extended life.

Made in Germany

Product Code: XT10


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