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Uro™ is a heat cure modelling material that can be hardened in a domestic oven.  The completed item is placed in a domestic oven and heated to around 130°C for 20 to 30 minutes.  Once cooled, the finished article is permanent and waterproof.  Uro™ can be used to make models, jewellery, fridge magnets, and numerous other interesting items.


Uro™ is available in the following packs:  65g Strip  (also 300g Strips call for prices of this size pack)

Uro™ is available in 24 different colours, as follows (top left to bottom right in the photograph above):




 01. White.  02. Magnolia.  03. Flesh Pink.       04. Bright Yellow.
 05 Golden Yellow  06. Orange  07. Bright Orange.  08. Red. 
 09. Carmine.    10. Cerise.  11. Pink    12. Bright Pink.  
 13. Blue.  14. Light Blue.  15. Turquoise.  16. Forest Green.
 17. Green.  18. Bright Green.  19. Purple.   20. Violet.
 21. Dark Brown  22. Light Brown  23. Black  24. Grey

65 gram block



Product Code: URO +colour


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